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Short story

Studio Comi was founded in 1976 in the center of Vimercate, to offer advice and assistance to local businesses. In 2019, thanks to the collaboration of the three professionals as well as current partners, the company between professionals V-Data Commercialisti SRL was born.

We carry out tax, corporate, labor and tax litigation consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed workers, sole proprietorships and individuals. The studies, the experience acquired and the constant updating allow our team to provide an integrated offer of consultancy to entrepreneurial realities.

Like a tailor, from the first contact, we begin to sew a tailor-made suit for the customer, developing an initial project in line with the business idea, assisting the new reality in the constitution phase at the Notary and public offices and continuing with financial, fiscal and administrative management, ordinary and extraordinary, throughout the life cycle of the business.

Our firm was born around a very clear idea: assist the family business and the entrepreneur's family, protecting their assets and minimizing their responsibilities. Around this project we have built a structured offer of services: first to meet all the needs related to ordinary tax and corporate consultancy, for more than 15 years now specializing in the management of the phases of discontinuity and change that may affect the company .

Tradition and innovation
Studio Comi is the result of the fusion of two characterizing and complementary elements: a long family tradition in the economic-legal professions (notaries, lawyers, accountants) and a strong curiosity for innovation and for the characteristics of the market in which our clients operate. .

We are not a large organization
We are not a large organization and we do not intend to become one. If necessary, we will expand our staff in the medium term but always within the limits of a structure that allows us to give each customer a high-level and highly personalized service.
The customer's trust in us is a priority for us. This is why our approach is based on the search for maximum transparency.

Creating value, together
We have gained extensive experience in corporate valuation and extraordinary finance and we transfer our skills to tax and corporate consultancy , listening to those who do business and paying attention to its history and the sector in which it operates.

Listening to those who do business
We devote a lot of attention to the analysis of the company and its history , of the sector in which it operates too often underestimated in tax and corporate consultancy to propose legal and tax solutions consistent with the corporate strategy . Sometimes redesigning it together.

Integrated and multidisciplinary consultancy
Our firm was founded with the aim of representing an adequate response to the now changing needs of the market and of providing an innovative and personalized consultancy service. An integrated and multidisciplinary consultancy structure was gradually created which, sharing rigorousness and professionalism, assists clients in the main economic-legal fields.

Valuing the traditional relationship of trust
All this without neglecting the traditional personal relationship of customer / professional trust but strengthening it with the support of an organization that enhances the different skills.